Making your gift

A variety of personal assets can be used to fund your charitable contribution to the U of M



Cash gifts of any size have an immediate impact on the University campus, college, or program of your choice. Your generosity enables us to meet our most urgent needs and carry out our mission on a daily basis.

You choose how your gift is used, giving you the opportunity to see the results of your generosity. You will also receive a charitable deduction on your federal income taxes, when you itemize. Make a secure gift online or by mailing in a gift form

Stocks and other securities

Stock, bonds, treasuries, and mutual funds that have increased in value offer a great giving opportunity. Learn more about the securities transfer process.


These gifts include real estate (homes, cabins, commercial buildings, and farm land) or tangible personal property (artwork, book or antique collections, livestock, or crops). In some cases donors can continue to use the asset during their lifetime.

Retirement plan assets

One frequently overlooked way you can make a charitable contribution is by using your retirement plan assets such as an IRA or commercial annuities.

Life insurance

Giving a life insurance policy to the U can be a way to combine charitable objectives with tax advantages.