Special initiatives

Medicine and Health Campaign

Philanthropic support makes discovery possible

Charitable gifts advance special programs that address urgent and emerging health issues and offer opportunities to capitalize on the University of Minnesota’s unique resources, capabilities, and expertise.

Developing lifesaving treatments

University researchers are:

  • taking a lead role in pharmacogenomics—understanding and predicting which drugs are most effective for individual patients based on their genetic makeup.
  • perfecting less-invasive surgical techniques and refining the transplant process to improve outcomes.
  • expanding stem cell science at the world’s first interdisciplinary institute dedicated to this field, aimed at tackling age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and other diseases.
  • setting global standards in public health preparedness and emerging infectious disease response.
  • influencing the field of sexual health through the world’s most comprehensive center of its kind.

Driving technological innovation

U scientists and engineers are also:

  • creating simulation tools for doctors-in-training so they can perfect their skills before treating real patients.
  • finding new ways to use magnetic resonance imaging to detect diseases earlier while pushing the boundaries of ultra-high-field imaging to observe the body’s innermost workings.
  • conducting the pioneering device research that has made Minnesota a world leader in biomedical innovation and home to some of the industry’s most influential corporations.
  • developing the U’s Biomedical Discovery District, a state-of-the-art research park that is expected to attract an estimated $40 million in new funding annually.

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